Why Video Needs to be Part of Your Social Media Campaign (And How to Get Started)

Posted by carlosbatista on September 17, 2018

When you think of social media, you probably think of written content. You’re probably thinking of things like Twitter posts or Facebook statuses. Maybe at a push, you’re thinking of Instagram images.

But the reality is that video is also a big aspect of social media and it absolutely should be a part of your own strategy.

Why Video is Critical

In case you’re not sold on this idea, consider that video is much more engaging than other forms of social media. That’s at least partly because video assaults all the senses. It contains movement, imagery, music and gesticulations and all this makes it far more captivating, far more persuasive and potentially much more emotionally stimulating. This is everything you need to sell to someone and it makes social media a considerably more powerful tool for selling and persuading – or just getting someone to care about and be interested in your brand.

At the same time, video helps to elevate your status. Video is something that not anyone can create and that often requires specialist equipment, editing tools and more. Video with high production values looks like something that a bigger company with more resources must have made and that in turn makes it very effective at elevating your brand, your authority and your trust.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started with video marketing is with YouTube, which in some ways is similar to a form of social media. At the same time though, you can also be successful by using live video on platforms like Facebook, by uploading very short videos to Instagram etc., or by using videos through other social media channels. Even paid Facebook Ads let you incorporate video!

To get started creating video, then conventional wisdom is that you will need a good quality camera, some basic lighting equipment, a sound recording device etc.

All this is true to an extent, but it isn’t strictly necessary if you’re shy to go on camera or don’t know how to create that kind of content. In fact, a ‘video’ can be much more of a podcast with a static image and you talking over the top. Or it can be a slideshow with no talking at all! There are lots of ways to create video and the only thing you absolutely need is some basic editing software.

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Why a Marketing Plan is the Most Important Element of Your Business

Posted by carlosbatista on September 3, 2018

If there is one thing that you need above everything else when you start an internet marketing business, it is a marketing plan. Even if your business is brick-and-mortar and not solely based on the web, a marketing plan should be your number one priority. It is pretty mind-boggling how many people get into business thinking that they don’t need a marketing plan.

One of the most popular reasons for this seems to be based around the product. Some people believe that their product is so good that people are just going to buy it without them having to do much at all. But they aren’t taking into account the fact that if people never find the product – matter how good it is – they aren’t going to use it.

If you don’t have a customer base, then you don’t have anyone to buy your products, and it is a mystery why so many businesses ignore this very simple fact. They plan out every other aspect of their business. They spend weeks designing the perfect website, months perfecting their products and even concentrate on things like logos and business cards without sparing a thought for marketing.

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One of the reasons that businesses give for this is that they simply cannot afford to do any marketing. But the truth is, you can’t afford not to do marketing. There is sufficient evidence out there that marketing almost always gives you a higher return than any money or time that you invest in it.

Some businesses think that they can just figure it out later. But this is a mistake too, because once you are ready to launch your product, you are losing money every day that you’re not making sales.

So, how do you create an effective marketing plan? Here are some tips that will help you. A good marketing plan will make use of the size of the market, the needs of the customer, the competition, and it will include a projection of future revenue. In addition, a good marketing plan will guide your business to meet future customer expectations. Also, a marketing plan will include plans for uniform brand distribution and building an online identity that will be instantly recognizable to customers. Finally, a good marketing plan will be flexible enough to be able to change based upon unforeseen events in the future.

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Business Has Changed. Now What?

Posted by carlosbatista on September 2, 2018

Time for a turnaround specialist.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve sacrificed a lot for your company by working long hours, juggling payroll and vendors, and missing family events. The business did okay and provided you a nice income…but the business landscape has changed.

The past few years have been tumultuous for the business and financial markets. Improving economy possess its own challenges as efforts to shed excess capacity and deliver have left many business owners unable to meet rising demand. You never planned for this to happen, but your business is struggling… and the pressure is mounting.

What Now?

A turnaround roadmap works well for business owners who realize that trying something different is better than continuing the present course and risking their business and ultimately their lifestyle.

Are you tired of going it alone when it comes to building your business?

Do you spend countless hours attempting to generate leads, attract new clients and increase your revenue and profits… but see very little in the way of results?

Have you finally made the decision it’s time to get help from true professionals who do this every day… do it successfully… and have a proven track record for making millions of pounds for businesses just like yours?

Coaching is NEVER an expense and with the right turnaround specialist, your return on investment far exceeds expectations. It’s one of the smartest investments any small business owner will ever make when it comes to building a successful business.

However, let’s put investing in coaching aside for now and consider how a turnaround specialist can provide an immediate impact in your revenues. With the correct use of our Profit Growth Calculator and Profit Accelerator Software™ we can find you hidden profits in your business by showing you how you can generate:

  • More Leads
  • More Conversions
  • More Transactions
  • Higher Prices
  • More Profits

We understand how to…

  • Generate immediate sales
  • Create competition-crushing marketing
  • Develop compelling offers
  • Map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it

We’re passionate about helping you maximize and solve your financial opportunities and challenges. Our business is your business and your success is our focus. In just 45 minutes we can show you where there is hidden revenue in your business and work with you to develop a specific turnaround plan to get you back on the right track.

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In this short timeframe we will provide you with a detailed customized roadmap of what you need to implement in your business. There is no sales pitch and all you’ll find are “proven and tested” marketing secrets that work.

The Turnaround Process

The Turnaround Roadmap that is customized to your business, will guide you through the process of generating additional revenue in your business.

The Turnaround Roadmap is effective for business owners who have the following characteristics:

A strong work ethic and the will to succeed;

Maturity to know their company needs a completely different approach to what has been implemented to date;

Commitment to implementing the strategies provided in the Turnaround Roadmap.

What Next?

Book your 45-minute Free Consultation to generate your detailed customized roadmap which includes an assessment of your business outlining the exact steps you need to take to generate the additional revenue we will find in the allocated time. There is no cost for the services mentioned above and the strategies you will be presented require no investment in marketing or advertising.

Turnaround Experience Matters

If you were looking to treat a life-threatening condition, you’d naturally want to find a medical specialist who knows what he’s doing. We’ve been doing small business turnarounds for a long time and have the expertise and industry credentials to prove it. Our long list of clients, have successfully turned their companies around and regained their profitability. It’s a reasonable bet you can, too.

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Learn how to generate all the leads your business can handle… WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising. www.BusinessCoachingHub.com

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The Essential Landing Page Checklist

Posted by carlosbatista on September 1, 2018

Your landing page may be the most important element of your website. Where people land when they click on a link is their first impression of your business, and there are certain things that must be present on that page in order to guide them through the process of becoming a buyer, and avoiding them immediately bouncing to the next site on the list. Here is an essential landing page checklist.

  1. User-friendly design: You want your website to be created so that it is as easy as possible for visitors to navigate, giving them the information that they need and making it as simple as you can without compromising the information that you need to share.
  2. Immediate value: Visitors that land your site should be able to immediately see the value in what is being offered. If they do not see the value on your landing page, then they are not going to go any further to try to find some. They will just click the back button and move on.
  3. A clear business model: You want it to be immediately apparent to anyone who visits your site what your business model is. Having a confusing business model will not only confuse the search engines, it will also confuse your potential customers.
  4. Real testimonials: If you are selling a product or service and you put up fake testimonials, people are going to know right away. Not only will they all sound like they are written by the same person, but most website designers place them in such a way that they are obviously fake – such as each one having a perfect, high-quality image of the customer with it. Real customers rarely send in photos of themselves.
  5. Claims supported by facts and research (if needed). If you are claiming that the supplement that you are promoting will cure acne forever, then you need to have some scientific basis for making that claim – not to mention a great deal of research cited. If customers find out you aren’t telling them the truth about one thing, they won’t trust anything you say.
  6. Contact information: Customers do not trust businesses that do not have contact information listed. It is not enough to have an email or contact form, you need to have your physical address, phone number and social media profiled listed on your website.

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Posted by carlosbatista on August 31, 2018


The next step in the process of using attraction marketing to your advantage is to get people to let you talk to them. With the advent of laws regarding spam and other inappropriate means of communication, it has become very important for any Internet marketer to be sure they stay on the good side of the law.

As an Internet marketer, you need to have the permission of a consumer, client or website visitors to send them any form of communication other than direct communication such as through a blog comment.

Why you should do this, you may be asking. As part of the process of developing a successful Internet marketing business, you need to get your product or service in front of the client. As you will see in Part 3, this is the key to your success in selling.

There are many ways that this can be done. The bottom line is that it has to be done.  You want those that find you on the web to come to your website and a lead capture page, for example. This way, you are able to get their permission to send them more information.

There are many lead capture tools available to help you to accomplish this including The Renegade and Marketing Merge, for example. You can also create your own, and not something that is difficult to do on your own, even if you are not a techie.

What happens is simple:

  • Individuals find your information on the web.
  • They follow it to your website’s lead capture page.
  • They sign up when they arrive there.
  • You have a lead to sell to, market to or otherwise use.

Now, you can advertise to them.


Now that you have gone through all of this work, you still do not have a profit in hand. Why not?

This is where the final part of the three part process of using attraction marketing comes in. Now, you will take the information and resources that you have worked so hard to develop and make them into something that’s going to turn a profit for you.

Keep in mind that while this process may seem like it is long and has a lot of work to it, you are going to automate much of it and secondly, you are going to do all three things at one time. This way, you are likely to start making money from attraction marketing right from the beginning of starting the process.


One of the keys to building a successful attraction marketing plan is not to be overly sales like. Everything and anything that you do should be done based on subtle sales information. You are providing information to the client. You are not hard selling what you have to offer to them. This is why it is called attraction marketing. The consumer is attracted to you because you are giving them valuable information and tools to use.

Don’t fail on that point: informational is key, not sales ads.


As part of the process of using the permissions given to you by those who have visited your website, you will need a plan. The plan is quite specific. You need to send emails to those who are on your list that allow them to gain something and learn something. You need to have a plan in place so that you can be professional while still getting people to your website at the same time.

In this form of attraction marketing, you are attracting people to your website by first telling them something important. They think, “Hey, this is great. This is just what I need.” They then head over to your website from the link posted in the email. They can then make a purchase from you or do what you wish for them to do.

To make sure this happens, you need to ensure that your emails are well received and that they have the best information they can offer to the reader. This way, they are most likely to visit your website.


The first step in the process is to develop a newsletter or other email communication with them. It does not matter what you call it. Rather, it matters what is in it. Here are some examples of quality content to provide to your readers.

 Provide Informational Articles

Your clients want to read something helpful to them. They want to read something that teaches them something. For example, let’s say you are selling an informational product on acne. In your email message to your readers, you write about the causes of acne. This provides them with some type of information.

 Make your subject line effective

A common problem that many people have when

using any form of email marketing is that they just do not get their readers to open up the email. How can you do well if the reader is not even reading what you have to offer? Use your subject line as a tool. In the above example, the subject line could be, “what causes acne and what you can do about it now.”

 Make your email personal

If you have ever opened up an email and read it knowing that they were just selling something, chances are good the information with was a simple made up, canned response. That’s boring and actually worthless. Use the reader’s names. Be sure to write to them, not to academics. Be personal, yet professional at the same time.

 Don’t overdo it with graphics

Another problem with email marketing like this is that people go overboard with graphics. You have seconds to impress your reader and get them to actually read the email you have sent. If you have so many graphics within it that it takes forever to load, they will close the email and move on long before actually seeing what you were going to talk about.

 Tell them what to do

Perhaps the most important aspect of any email used like this is that it has to provide your readers with a way of reacting to what you have sent. Tell them what to do or what they can do to learn more. Give them the link to follow that takes them to the answers to their questions. For example, in the above example, after detailing all of the causes of acne, follow up with a link that takes the individual to your acne cure website. The link may read, “Finally, there is help for any of these acne causes.”

Attraction marketing is only as successful as you make it. Therefore, if you invest a little time in it, especially in writing these emails, chances are good you will get very little from it.  Take your time to produce a quality, highly effective email that is sent to your readers.


Still unsure of what you can do with your emails? Here are a few more ideas to work with:

  • Share information on the topic you have a passion about, hopefully related to your website.
  • Share a good book, informational product or other item that in some way relates to your business indirectly.
  • Share live event information. Perhaps you are doing an educational seminar or a web cast and want to invite your readers to come to your website to attend.
  • Perhaps you are running a sale and you wish to provide your readers with information regarding it.
  • Perhaps you are providing some recorded training and want to share the details with your list.

That’s all it takes to get the email going.  An effective campaign does get people back to your website.  In fact, attraction marketing can work in many ways to gain you resources including higher sales potential. Take the time to put attraction marketing in place and you will see traffic to your website come in from a variety of sources. You are likely to see your sales go up as long as you have provided your readers with the helpful tools and resources they need to make wise decisions.

If you are not sure if it can work for you, consider traditional sales mechanisms. You could pay a heavily trafficked website for an ad in the thousands of dollars range and hope to get enough readers back to your website. Or, you can invest your time, not your money, in getting quality traffic that is already interested in you!

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