The Language Entrepreneurs Use

Posted by carlosbatista on September 13, 2018

As an entrepreneur, you have to walk the walk and also talk the talk — and recognize when other people are talking it, too.

While you might think you and the people you do business with all speak English, trust me — there’s a whole other language you have to master, and it’s one in which seemingly straightforward statements are not always as they appear.

With just some quick vocab tweaks, you can go from entrepreneur-wannabe to the next Silicon Valley big shot — or at least sound like it.

To encourage you to think like an entrepreneur, here are the top 5 pointers:

1. Entrepreneurs don’t use words like if, try, wish, hope. Instead they us words like test, when, data, fail forward.

2. Entrepreneurs have ZERO entitlement – which means, just because they pay for training, doesn’t guarantee them results – because they still have to invest the effort themselves in order to get their business to work for them and they accept this.

3. Entrepreneurs aren’t the most talented, best looking or most interesting people – they’re the most resourceful. The don’t accept the status quo, they fight it and question it.

4. Entrepreneurs don’t tell themselves “I’m not good at . . . Computers . . . Marketing . . .etc” they just crack on and tackle any job that requires their attention.

5. Entrepreneurs focus on strengths and not weaknesses – the positive and not the negative.

So, there you have it.

Have you got what it takes?

All these qualities can be learned and developed – just as I learned to flex my entrepreneurial muscle since being laid off in 2016.

It hasn’t been easy making the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur, but it’s sure worth the resulting lifestyle and freedom.

My lifestyle is liberating and stress-free. Maybe it’s something that interests you?

Do you have what it takes to be a rock-star entrepreneur?

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